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Flatsome Theme Review
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Flatsome Theme is a highly customizable WordPress theme, this theme is specially designed for eCommerce sites with using the WooCommerce plugin.

Also, Flatsome Theme included a user-friendly visual editor, your sites every single page and post you can design with default page builder.

Hey everyone, I’m Sharif Sohail. Today I will discuss about one of the most popular WordPress themes. Already you know, about the theme.

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Yes, you will get a Salient Theme Review with Salient Theme Pricing, and Salient Theme Pros & Cons.

I hope the Salient Theme Review can help you to purchase the best WordPress theme for your blog.

Flatsome Theme Review: What Is The Flatsome Theme?

Well, the Flatsome Theme is designed and developed by UX Themes. And also the Flatsome theme is one of the most popular and highly rated themes on the ThemeForest marketplace.

Right now the Flatsome Theme on ThemeForest marketplace sells almost 190k+.

UX Themes main goal is for the Flatsome Theme, the Flatsome Theme design will be user friendly and also theme will be easy to use for customizing everything.

Also the Flatsome Themes checkout page gives you the highest security to keep the customer’s information safe and secure.

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Flatsome Theme Review: Flatsome Themes Features

WooCommerce Integration

The Flatsome Theme built-in WooCommerce Integration enables for the users to find the products easily with its Live Search option.

Also with Flatsome Theme, your visitors can instantly see results when people search for a particular product and go through the details.

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Speed Optimization and Performance

In the world, most of the people are using mobile phones than other devices to browse online, search for products/services, and most of the time purchase on online.

So if you are starting your brand with an e-commerce store, also the e-commerce store should be mobile-friendly for first and better user experience.

For this reason, Flatsome Theme will be one of the best WooCommerce WordPress themes for optimized speed.

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Parallax Effect

The parallax scrolling or effect is where the content in the foreground moves faster than the pictures in the background.

Also when you will be added on to an e-commerce website, the website creates a feeling of depth and give you real attractive and professional appearance.

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SEO Friendly

Also, the Flatsome Theme was created with SEO best practices in mind. This theme has the W3C validation structure and that ensures maximum possible performance and SEO compatibility.

One thing if you use for one page SEO optimization is the Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugin, then this plugin can help you for properly optimize your blog post one page SEO.

Flatsome Page Builder

So Let’s move to the next aspect of the Flatsome Theme Review. With Flatsome Theme has easy to use live page builder with an element library to build anything as per your liking and preferences.

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Clean Code

For the Clean Code, the Flatsome Theme has a good site loading speed. The shortcode from the WordPress editor, its editing is a very easy process from the WordPress dashboard.

For designing a custom code, while improving the UX is also simpler and you can easily add CSS to beautify your front end of the website.

Header Builder and Front End Editor

If you navigate to Appearance and then you can Customize and you’ll see a lot of options for customizing the look of your website.

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“Blocks” Custom Post Type

If you find that there are certain elements you’re using over and over again or combinations of elements, then you can create and use custom “blocks” for those elements.

Flexible Style Options

From the Appearance » Customize menu, you can customize and adjust your website’s colors, typography, and default layout. From Google Fonts, you can choose over 700+ fonts and unlimited color options.

Also your website footer you can be completely customizable, including colors, images, credit text, and number of columns.

Portfolio Custom Post Type

Also for Flatsome Theme has a built-in portfolio option, you can add your portfolio items as custom post types, and customize the layout in the Appearance » Customize menu.

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Flatsome Theme Review: Flatsome Theme Documentation and Support

From the WordPress dashboard, you can navigate to Flatsome Theme » Help & Guides to access the documentation and support.

Basic documentation you will get in UX Themes official site. There are articles on setting up your theme, you can configure basic options, and troubleshoot the most common issues.

Also for the error fixing UX Themes available few video tutorials, if you watch the video then easily you can fix the issues.

From your purchase day, you get 6 months of private email support from the UX Themes developer.

UX Themes has an active Facebook group, from the Facebook group you can get community support.

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Flatsome Theme Review: Flatsome Themes Pricing Plans

Flatsome Themes Regular License cost is $59 on the ThemeForest marketplace for one single site.

In case if you need the theme on multiple stores or for multiple customers, for your multiple customers you can get an Extended License that costs $2,950.

If you want 12 support, then UX Themes will be charged an additional cost, for 12 months only $17.63.

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Flatsome Themes Review: Conclusion of Flatsome Theme Review

The Flatsome Theme review can help you for selecting the best theme for the WooCommerce store.

With Flatsome Theme, you can build online stores with customized modules and theme options with relative ease.

The Flatsome Theme on ThemeForest marketplace sold over 190k copies.

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Absolutely the Flatsome Theme is one of the best WordPress Themes on the ThemeForest marketplace.

With Flatsome Theme, you will get creative and modern looking design and UX Themes that give you plenty of customization options like page builders and templates.

If you are looking for a theme with long-term support, then Flatsome Theme will be perfect for you.

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