Seodity AppSumo Lifetime Deal & Review [$79] | Is It Semrush Alternative? | Sharif Sohail

Seodity Lifetime Deal
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Seodity Lifetime Deal right now not available! You can use Seodity Alternative tool.


For a website Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important things, Because if you continuously publish content on your website but if you don’t get any top 10 ranking on search 🔍 engine 🚒 then you will be lose your time without any results.

Great news for you & your blog website. If you use this tool for your blog? Then you can easily rank on search engine first page.

Also, you can research keywords for your blog content and you can analyze about your competitors everything in SEO world 🌍.

Introducing with Seodity!


What’s up beautiful people ❤️?

Your Friend 😊 Sharif Sohail is here. Today I will discuss about Search Engine Optimization.

In this article, you will get details information about Seodity Review and Seodity Lifetime Deal with Seodity Discount Offer and Seodity Pricing Plan.

I hope the Seodity Review article can help you for choosing the best SEO tool for ranking search engine top 10 results easily.


Seodity Alternative Deal


What Is SEO?

Well SEO is a short form of Search Engine Optimization. If you do SEO properly? Then you will get a ranking on search engine top 10 results and you will get a lot of organic traffic from search engines.

Also will be increase your website search visibility when people are searching 🔍 your product related topics on the search engine.

What Is SEO?

For your website, if you do SEO properly? Then you will get more impressions, traffic, lead, and sales from search engine top 10 results.

SEO can help you to grow your business quickly without more money 💰 investment.
But you need to optimize your content properly.

If you want to optimize your content? Then you should use a professional SEO tool for quicker & faster results from search engines.


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SEO means creating content and optimizing the content according to the SEO tool.

After optimizing and publishing you need to Off Page SEO like Link building, Brand Mentions, Blog Commenting, Forums, Influencer Outreach, Guest Author, Broken Link Building, Social Networking, and Social Bookmarking.

After optimizing everything SEO can improve your website site for rankings in search engines for getting organic traffic.

And SEO’s main benefit is ranking specific keywords to get free organic traffic to your website month after month.


Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deal


How To Work SEO?

SEO it depends on optimizing your site for the search engine rank. SEO this type of things when you will publish content, then you need to make sure that search engine can sees your website for a readers.

Also, SEO work on they’re own ranking factor and algorithm. Suppose the ranking factor can be domain authority, page authority, backlink, domain age, content quality, relevancy, user experience, loading speed, and more 200+ factor.

For example one of the most popular search engines Google, they have a minimum of 300+ ranking factors in their algorithm.


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Why SEO Is Important For You?

If you analyze your website traffic section, then you can see over 60% of all traffic on the web comes from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Suppose you have a digital product base website, according to the Google Keyword Planner 110,000 people search for “Seodity Review” every single month.

If you rank the “Seodity Review” keyword for first page first position in Google then you will gets around 20% of all clicks, that’s 22,000 visitors you will get for your website each month.

Also If your website is SEO-friendly, then you can rank for hundreds of different keywords.


What Is Seodity?

Seodity is an all in one SEO platform, where you can do keyword research, website audit, competitor analysis, link building, and more in the SEO world 🌍.

Also, Seodity helps you to explore the organic and paid traffic of high-volume keywords from your website page.

With Seodity you can research deeply about your targeted keyword to optimize your content for ranking on search engines.

Also, you can monitor everything like how your website performs in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engine.

What Is Seodity

Seodity will be made it easy to pull up the backlinks for any website and also you will get link building opportunities.

With Seodity you can easily find out the anchor text of traffic driving to your web page.

If you are looking best alternative tools of Semrush, Ahrefs, and Mangools? Then Seodity will be one of the best SEO tools for your site.

Also, Seodity will be the best SEO tool for Freelance SEO specialists, SEO agencies, and SMBs.


So let’s move on to the Seodity features;


Seodity Features

Seodity Features

With Seodity you will get a keyword research tool, site audit, competitor backlink analysis, and rank tracking features.

Also, Seodity provides you a lot of features for ranking on Google and Bing search engines.

Let’s see the Seodity features;

Keyword Research

If you use Seodity then you can do low competitive keyword research for your content.

Also, you can analyze for your targeted keyword competitor ranking and backlink that help you a lot to rank the targeted keyword.

For every type of keyword, you can see the keyword’s search volume, CPC, and KW for understand the keyword is suitable or not?

Not only that with Seodity you can check your competitor’s keyword ranking and then you can easily find out your targeted keyword.

When you will be researching about your targeted keyword then Seodity show you about your topics related keyword on the page and also you can bookmark some of your favorite keywords.

With Keyword Research features you can do Keyword Research, Keyword Volume Check, CPC, KW, Related Keyword Idea, Competitor Ranking, Check Google ads Rate and Favorite Keyword Bookmark.


Content Explorer

From popular web pages, you will get high-engaging content ideas and you can find out webpages with high estimated traffic volume.

For the Content Explorer features you can discover what content is currently performing well on the internet.

With Content Explorer features you can explore popular webpages, short & filter, and save a favorite webpages.


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On Site & Data Explorer

On-Site & Data Explorer helps you to boost your Google ranking, website traffic, and SEO error analysis, and more.

Seodity will be uncover all potential site issues with an SEO audit and also you can analyze over 100 factor that affects your website rank position in the Google search engine.

You will get exact instructions for fixing your site issues Seodity provides you for every single issue with specific instructions on how to fix those issues, according to guidelines recommended directly by Google.

Also with Seodity, you will get advanced options that included advanced filtering for customizing your search results on a more specific basis.


Rank Tracker

With Seodity you can track your keyword ranking against your competitors and Seodity help you to get accurate SERP ranking at any location in the world.

Just you need to select the city or region where you want to conduct your business and you can easily find out how your company ranks in Google’s Search Engine.

For specific keyword, you can track your targeted keyword positions across multiple devices like desktop, mobile, tab and mack book.

With Seodity you can monitor your competitor’s everything automatically.


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If you use Seodity? Then it will be so much easy for backlink building. With Seodity you can discover and build the most effective backlinks for your site.

Also, Seodity explores your website’s history of backlinks charts to discover which backlinks for your website rank well in the Google search engine.

Even you can Sort and filter for specific backlinks details information like. And you can find out the exact anchor text for all types of backlinks.

With Seodity you can analyze about your website traffic, and which websites your visitors are coming from using Seodity’s ability to locate the exact URL of the backlink.

From 100 of backlinks, you can save your favorite backlink for tracking.



With Seodity you can improve your ranking on Google using Seodity performance analysis.

Seodity include a Lighthouse automated tool that helps you to improve the quality of your webpages.

Seodity help you to take your PWA apps for the next level, and Seodity makes them more reliable, engaging, and efficient.

You will get a complete SEO audit of your website and you can easily find out how well-optimized your website content and which content need improvement.


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Organic Traffic

Seodity provides you with everything for getting unique organic traffic from search engines. If you follow all rules and regulations of SEO? Then you can quickly grow your business and you will get huge traffic after a month of the month.

Also for getting organic traffic 4 steps 🪜 help you a lot for increase organic
traffic to your website.


Here’s the 4 steps for getting organic traffic;

  • At first, you need to check your website’s organic traffic
  • You need to analyze your competitors’ organic traffic
  • You need to generate a report with the best phrases and use them in your marketing efforts.
  • After your marketing effort results, you need to save the best phrases and track their positions on a regular basis.


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Seodity Pricing Plan

If you compare to Seodity’s alternative competitor pricing plan? The Seodity pricing plan is so much cheaper.

For lifetime deal Seodity charge from you only $79 next time you don’t have pay to anymore.

Seodity provides you with 4 pricing plan Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Agency.

Seodity Pricing Plan

Bronze Pricing Plan $89 month

  • Webpages 3.000
  • Keywords 350
  • Competitors 10
  • Backlinks 30.000


Silver Pricing Plan $149 monthly

  • Webpages 10.000
  • Keywords 1.200
  • Competitors 20
  • Backlinks 80.000


Gold Pricing Plan $299

  • Webpages 100.000
  • Keywords 4.000
  • Competitors 50
  • Backlinks 400.000


Agency Pricing Plan $399 monthly

  • Webpages 200.000
  • Keywords 8.000
  • Competitors 100
  • Backlinks 800.000


Get 14 days trial without a credit 💳 card

Or Grab the Seodity Lifetime Deal on AppSumo.


Seodity AppSumo Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan

Seodity Lifetime Deal

Seodity Lifetime Deal License Tier 1 ($79)

  • One-time purchase of $79 $828
  • 2,500 webpages
  • 300 keywords
  • 10 competitors
  • 20,000 backlinks
  • 250 on-demand on-site analysis per month
  • 250 on-demand Lighthouse analysis per month
  • Lifetime access to Seodity
  • GDPR compliant
  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited domains
  • Weekly technical and SEO analysis
  • Daily keyword analysis


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Seodity Lifetime Deal License Tier 2 ($149)

  • One-time purchase of $149 $1,068
  • 7,500 webpages
  • 900 keywords
  • 20 competitors
  • 50,000 backlinks
  • 500 on-demand on-site analysis per month
  • 500 on-demand Lighthouse analysis per month
  • Lifetime access to Seodity
  • GDPR compliant
  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited domains
  • Weekly technical and SEO analysis
  • Daily keyword analysis


Seodity Lifetime Deal License Tier 3 ($279)

  • One-time purchase of $279 $1,788
  • 30,000 webpages
  • 2,000 keywords
  • 30 competitors
  • 100,000 backlinks
  • 1,000 on-demand on-site analysis per month
  • 1,000 on-demand Lighthouse analysis per month
  • Lifetime access to Seodity
  • GDPR compliant
  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited domains
  • Weekly technical and SEO analysis
  • Daily keyword analysis


Seodity AppSumo Lifetime Deal Discount

The good news is, on the AppSumo marketplace right now available for the Seodity AppSumo Lifetime Deal discount offer.

Well, If you want to save your money, then quickly you should grab the Seodity AppSumo Lifetime Deal.


Get 10% Discount On Seodity Appsumo Lifetime Deal

First of all, you have to follow the instructions, if you want to get a 10% Discount on Seodity Appsumo Lifetime Deal.

Seodity Lifetime Deal Discount

  • Click here to go Seodity Appsumo Lifetime Deal page.
  • Wait till the discount pop-up appear.
  • Now enter your Email.
  • Now you have to check your Email Inbox to get a 10% Discount.
  • Only for the first order.



If you want to grow your business for generating more revenue? Then SEO will be one of the best methods.

But you need to do SEO perfectly and you need to target low competitive keywords, publish high quality content regularly, analyze competitors everything and apply.

For a website whole SEO management, you need to use a professional SEO tool and you can try the Seodity lifetime deal.

If you compare to Semrush and Ahrefs pricing plans? Seodity will be one of the best SEO tools for your website.

I hope you are enjoyed my Seodity Review article.

What do you think Seodity AppSumo Deal really worth it?

In my point of view, the answer will be ‘Yes’. Because Seodity provides you unlimited features with lifetime customer support.

I’m sharing with you my honest thought about Seodity, I hope the Seodity Review will be helpful for your buying decision.

Thank you so much for reading my Seodity Review article. See you in any other content.


Seodity Alternative Deal


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