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WinTask Review
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Are you looking best automation tool for data extraction, automation, data capture, scheduling, optical character recognition, and email notifications? You are in right place to grab the best automation tool.

What’s up beautiful people?

Your Friend 😊 Sharif Sohail is here. Today I will discuss about one of the most popular WinTask automation tools.

In this article, you will get details information about WinTask Review with WinTask Discount Offer and WinTask Pricing Plan.

I hope the WinTask Review article can help you for choosing the best automation tool for any type of business fully automated from the beginning to the end.


What Is Automation?

The concept of automation has now exceeded robotics which can supervise industrial development on a high level. Now automation can be defined as a process that requires minimum human effort for better results.

With an automation tool easily you can do any type of business fully automated from the beginning to the end. Also for workflow require human intervention where attended Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) comes in handy.

Also with an automation tool, you can gather and analyze a more significant amount of data than a human being with 100% accuracy and these automated activities can help you for triggered by any type of event, such as switching tabs, a button click, or even a complex combination of several events.

Even automation tool makes it easier to work faster and more efficiently, simplifying routine workflows. It automates the most essential tasks that give the employees more time to focus on the things that matter most.



What is WinTask?

WinTask is a full-featured Windows and web task automation tool and WinTask has a cloud-based and on-premise solution that helps for businesses of all sizes with web data extraction, automation, data capture, scheduling, optical character recognition, email notifications, and more.

WinTask will be best for Digital marketers, Business owners, and Search Engine optimizers who want data extraction, automation, data capture, scheduling, optical character recognition, and email notifications.

WinTask is a professional automation tool for Windows to automate any type of task, whether Web or Windows applications. For your business, WinTask saves you a lot of time and also will be increases your productivity by enabling you to automate repetitive tasks.


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WinTask is the most oldest company on the market, which helps you for your company to improve their productivity by minimizing costs and manual errors.

Also, WinTask automates the repetitive tasks you need to accomplish, such as periodic reports, data collection, downloads, form filling, etc.

With WinTask you can automatically create a script file and records all your keystrokes, object selections, and Windows and Web functions.


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WinTask Feature

WinTask is a professional automation tool and WinTask will be make it easy for you to save time and enhance employee productivity with RDA. Also, WinTask automation is flexible and easy to scale. So let’s see the details of the WinTask feature;


WinTask Feature


Web Automation

With the WinTask automation tool you can easily fill out the web forms with data from an Excel sheet, Google Spreadsheets, or any other records system, including SQL if you needed.

Also, WinTask tools Web Automation feature that allows you to log into your websites, record web actions, test websites, and download/upload any type of data files.


Excel and Database Automation

Even you can manipulate and transform data for excel or database automation with WinTask. Also you can do automate data entry, and transfer data between spreadsheets or different databases.

If you want to make setting up more accessible? Then you can record your actions and let the automation software replay them for you. Also with WinTask you can run queries and extract data automatically from the web to Excel spreadsheets.


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Easy To Use

WinTask automation toos some RDA’s use programming languages that will be very easy to read and understand for better performance. Also, WinTask allows you to create automation scripts that can help you to work faster without knowing a developer.


Image Recognition

With WinTask you can use image recording to identify any visual element that can easily exists on the screen. Also you can develop automation scripts with WinTask features like record & replay, Optical Character Recognition, image recognition, and others feature. With this feature, your employees will be able to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks.


Macro Recorder

WinTask help you to automate your repetitive tasks with the macro recorder feature. Anytime you can start recording all type of actions and then let the desktop automation tool replay them for you while your employees gain free time.


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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Optical Character Recognition this feature allows you to convert all types of documents into editable and searchable data. For example WinTask using its own OCR to click properly on non-HTML objects/non-pure Windows objects, just using the object’s text.


Task Scheduling

Task Scheduling is one of the great features of WinTask that help you to schedule logins and automate other web tasks. Also, you can create a list of actions to automate and stick to it and the Task Scheduling feature can save you hours by running scripts automatically.


Web UI Automation

WinTask allows you to create any type of custom framework for automating Windows or web applications. For example, WinTask provides a set of more than 300 functions that incorporate conditions, loops, and event triggers. If you use these functions? Then you can record actions on a website, recognize text embedded in an image, or automatically run queries.


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Web Data Extraction

With Web Data Extraction feature you can extract unstructured data from web pages and easily you can convert it into an Excel file or database. Even you can do it error-free and so much faster than a person could do it manually.


Why WinTask Automation Tool Will Be Suitable For You?

WinTask makes it easy for you to save time and enhance employee productivity with RDA. WinTask automation is flexible and easy to scale.

Suppose the demand overshoots or the processes evolve In that case WinTask tools RDA programs can change these things automatically, and making it seamless for the company to scale its workflows.

Also with the WinTask tool, you can do data extraction, automation, data capture, scheduling, and optical character recognition, and you will get email notifications.


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WinTask Pricing

Right now available on the WinTask website 3 different type of products and also the 3 products price is will be different. So let’s see details of the WinTask pricing;


WinTask Pricing


WinTask Pro

PC Automation Software For an Unlimited Number of Machines

You use WinTask tools reliable automation software that help you to create stand-alone .exe files and run them easily on any number of computers without having to install WinTask or RunTime on them.


Quick ROI

WinTask Pro is a business-oriented version of WinTask platform, that can helps you to run automations on multiple machines, which do not need WinTask or Runtime installed on them. Developed by a team with 30 years of experience.


Scale by Increasing Productivity

Repetitive tasks are time-consuming, exhausting, and have a huge potential for errors. In the WinTask software you can run automation scripts on multiple computers, without errors or hassle.


Flexible Software

From WinTask tools 300 functions and commands, subroutines or programming constructs, and a language similar to Visual Basic, WinTask Pro gives you more flexibility and a fast learning curve.


Unlimited Email Support

If you get stuck, or have errors or unexpected issues, WinTask has guide tutorials to fix the problem, and if you are fail to solve the problem? WinTask team are always ready for the support you solve your problem.


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Wintask Features


WinTask Developer

Reliable & Easy to Use

With WinTask Developer you can use the ultimate desktop automation software and the task scheduler to automate any combination of tasks on the Web or in Windows applications.


Accomplish More with Task Automation

WinTask saves your time and will be increase your productivity, using WinTask software developed by a team with 30 years of experience.


Increase Productivity & Reduce Errors

Repetitive tasks are time-consuming, exhausting, and have a huge potential for errors. With automation, scripts you can run the same tasks for as long as needed, and with no errors.


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WinTask Runtime

Run Data Entry & Web Automation Scripts

WinTask Runtime is a simple script running tool, that was created to help you easily run automation created with WinTask, such as data entry scripts, and web automation scripts.


Easy Script Running

WinTask Runtime have a Easy Script Running feature that you easy to use for automation scripts created with WinTask on secondary machines, with just a .rob file (script).


Beat Your Competition with Automation

Repetitive work is draining and doesn’t let your employees reach their full potential. Higher-value work improves your offering, thus putting you a step above your competition.


No compatibility issues

With WinTask RunTime you don’t need to worry about compatibility for windows and mac operating systems, WinTask all versions you can install on your computer 💻.


Click here to see the WinTask Runtime pricing


WinTask Pros & Cons

WinTask Pros

  • WinTask is really easy to use, fast, and requires a little effort to reach what you want.
  • Free and easy and anyone can use it safely and simply.


WinTask Cons

  • The design of the app is not very good despite being simple.
  • Price a little bit expensive, but if you see the WinTask feature.


Final Verdict

If you are looking best automation tool for data extraction, automation, data capture, scheduling, optical character recognition, and email notifications? You can try WinTask. Because WinTask makes it easy for you to save time and enhance employee productivity with RDA and WinTask automation is flexible and easy to scale.

I hope you are enjoyed my WinTask Review article. I’m sharing with you my honest thought about WinTask, I hope the WinTask Review will be helpful for your buying decision.

Thank you so much for reading my WinTask Review article. See you in any other content.

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